Why I Give More to Receive More

When someone asks me how I managed to attract abundance in my life, my answer is that I always give generously.

This may seem rather redundant to some, given the common thought of ‘how can I have more when I am giving it away?’

The answer, however, lies in the Universal Laws.

You see, we are all bundles of energy and everything we do is a way of transferring that energy. We know that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. That means we are circulating our energy and it flows to and through us continuously.

This is the principle that governs our thoughts and actions. What we give out into the Universe is what we get.

Want appreciation? Give it to someone you appreciate.

Want money? Donate it to someone who needs it.

Want a mentor? Help someone who is less experienced than you are.

Once you start doing these acts of giving, you will notice that it always returns to you in one way or another. I have noticed that when I help someone in need with money, even when I’m falling short on my finances, The Universe finds a way to bring more money back into my life.

This is because the Universe wants us to be abundant and it will support us in our actions and thoughts of abundance. Although, it is important to give without any expectations, do something and leave the rest to the Universe.

You don’t have to have a lot to give. Even sparing a nice thought or gesture can go a long way for someone else.

I’ve discovered the blessing of giving and therefore do so regularly.

I believe that the only way a company will stay successful is when it gives back and considers giving to be the foundation of abundance. The scriptures say that all abundance and good comes from God so this is also my way of honoring God.

So yes, you can have more by giving generously of yourself.

It’s all about committing to that first act of kindness.

May many blessings come your way!

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