What Your Goals Say About Your Self-Image

I have a question for you.

Imagine that you are a magical spirit appearing in front of a man, telling him that he has been granted the ability to achieve whatever he desires. The man is elated and writes what he wants down on a piece of paper.

But when you see that paper, you realize that the man has written goals that are way smaller than what he could have aimed for. Surprised, you ask him why. He says that he only deserves smaller dreams as his abilities are limited.

Won’t you feel frustrated that this man has all the powers in the world and yet he dreams so small?

But the fact is that this is happening to millions of people across the world. They don’t have a magical entity appearing in front of them, sure, but they have been shown proof that people can achieve whatever they want and yet they choose to achieve so little in their lives.


Because they have a self-image that tells them they are mediocre at best and cannot do great things that other “talented” people can. What they fail to realize is that those other people are just like them… Except that they have become aware of their true potential and stepped into that power.

The goals that you set for yourself say a lot about your self-image. If you think you are bad at science, you will hesitate when it comes to dreaming about becoming a physicist even if that’s what you want to be. If you think you cannot have a partner that is respectful and loving, you will settle for one who disrespects you and gives you the bare minimum.

See the keyword here?


Because that’s what you THINK. It’s not what you ARE.

If you want to achieve greatness, you need to start by changing what you think about yourself. Does your self-image support the vision of the life you want? Because if not, you won’t be deeply involved with the idea to manifest it into reality.

So, take a look at the goals you have written for yourself. Are they what you REALLY want? Or do you want more?

If you want more, CLAIM IT. Write it down and start building your self-image to a point where you completely believe you can achieve your wildest goals.

Once that is done, you will be amazed by how your goals start turning into reality like magic.

Have a happy week!

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