What Nature Can Teach Our Children

For most of my childhood, I remember playing among nature. I grew up surrounded by tall trees, large fields, horses, and cows. My life was closely intertwined with the environment because of my upbringing. When I look back now, those early days of being in nature, I cannot help but notice how it instilled many lessons in me – one of which was my mindset.

But as technology advances and we are surrounded by more buildings and machinery than ever before, our children are also losing out on the opportunity to learn from nature. To make sure that doesn’t happen, I take my children out camping or fishing by the lake. We regularly go on hikes where they get to interact with nature like I once did.

Why is this so important? Here are a few lessons that nature can teach children:


A few moments in the midst of nature will teach you how wonderful stillness is. If you ever go through anything chaotic, knowing how to stop for a while and be still is so valuable. Being mindful of the little sounds around you and living in the present moment, letting all thoughts flow through you, and surrendering to the Universe is what you get from being in nature.


When children interact with nature, they realize just how much their lives are interconnected with it. The food that they eat, the oxygen they breathe, and the water that flows are all good reminders that we are one. Your children, therefore, grow up honoring the environment and treating it well. They are kinder because they know all living beings are just an extension of themselves.

Watering the roots

When a tree’s branches don’t grow well, we don’t look at the trunk but at the roots under the ground. The roots are the core, the source of the entire tree’s well-being. Just like that, when our behavior or attitude begins to harm us, we must look within. Our minds need to be nourished and healthy in order for the rest of us to be healthy.


Nature implores us to be brave and go beyond and to explore. For children, it’s the best way to learn – through practical experiences. It brings out their curiosity and drives them to learn, and question what they see.

Being amongst nature is a great way to expand a child’s intellectual and emotional awareness. If you want them to grow into adults with a healthy mindset, spending time with them in nature is one of the best routes to take.

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