Two amazing teachers, all in one program. With Henry Swarey and Bob Proctor.

Get personalized expert mentorship by one of Bob Proctor’s top consultants (Henry Swarey) PLUS the full access to the Thinking Into Results Program with Bob Proctor

Create the life you have always wanted!

Thinking Into Results Course

Thinking into Results is a one-of-a-kind system based on 50 years of intensive research into the science and mechanics of personal achievements: what really makes successful people successful.

This program is carefully laid out to enable you to

  • Create precise goals with true insight and grounding
    ​Get clarity, direction, and focus with strong goals. A worthy goal, joyfully formed and articulately expressed, is the first and most critical step toward creating the results you want.


  • Install your goal at the deepest levels of your mind
    Alignment of the conscious and subconscious will enable you to bring your full potential to the surface


  • True alignment for your goals and actions and movement
    ​Change your thought and action patterns The universe is alive with forces designed to deliver to you whatever you truly desire. ​Quantum Leap your business forward & scale to mid 6-figures level AND learn to stay in the feeling of ease and joy all day.


  • Stay accountable with 6 months of coaching from Henry Swarey! You will take huge leaps forward in your business, using all of the lessons from the trainings and also from Henry to take things to the next level.

The most powerful process EVER created for quickly and permanently transforming ANY goal, dream, or desire into reality.

Payment Options

The THINKING INTO RESULTS program PLUS 6 months of coaching with Henry Swarey

(An incredible method to uplevel and stay accountable and aligned with your goals)

Thinking Into Results Course

An Amazing Deal!

$ 6,250
One-time payment by credit/debit card
  • There is nothing quite like this on the market place!
    You will get results!
  • 24 weeks of coaching
  • Video for each lesson
  • Workbook PDF for each lesson
  • 30 day money back guarantee!