The Power of thinking BIG

Looking back on my childhood, it’s easy to see how even from a young age I always knew that I could eventually access absolute greatness…

I came from a rather modest background, painting garages as my first job. But the truth is that I aspired to become a successful business owner, and in a few years time I became the owner of a 2-million-dollar company.

Essentially I know (and am a living testament of) the power of thinking BIG.

As humans, we all have the tendency to daydream. But how we take those thoughts forward into concrete imaginations for the future depends entirely on YOU.

I have noticed that there seems to be three different ways in which people approach dreaming about their goals. Let me tell you how these 3 kinds of people and how they differ from one another:

1. Those who don’t dream at all. They prefer to not think about what they could have so that they don’t “set themselves up for disappointment” later if they can’t achieve it. Such people have a negative outlook towards their circumstances and rarely expect anything good to happen to them. They live one day to the next, without any plans for the future.
2. The second type is afraid of dreaming too big, so they tone it down to what they think they can achieve. So instead of dreaming of a multimillion-dollar company, they hope to at least break even. Most folks fall into this category. They live cautiously and are either afraid of failure or the responsibilities that success could bring.

Either way, these two kinds of people rarely go beyond the ordinary. That’s because they don’t even try to. It’s like shooting for the 8th point instead of the bullseye.

3. The third kind, however, shoots for the bullseye consistently until they achieve it. They are the ones who achieve extraordinary things in their lives. No matter their circumstance, they dare to dream big and go for it with complete self-belief. And to the amazement of everyone around them, they achieve it too.

Reflect on how you have been living! Are you hoping for less than what you can actually achieve?

Why dreaming big works

We all have been given infinite potential within us. And this power flows out of us depending on the size of our dreams. So, if you dream bigger, you can most definitely have it.

This is because once we set an intention, the Universal Law works towards making it true. Things will fall into place, bigger opportunities will come your way, and when they do, you will be confident enough to take them up. All you need to do is believe that you can achieve all your big dreams.

Henry Ford very famously said, “Whether you think you can, or you can’t – you are right”.

So, if you have a chance of getting what you want, why dream small?

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