The Law of Divine Oneness

The Law of Divine Oneness is the foundational Universal Law over which the other laws build upon. It states that we are all a part of collective consciousness, where we are all one. Every being in this universe is interconnected, which means that everything we do impacts the collective.

If you really want to understand the power of this law, look up the image of the Double Helix Nebula. See how it looks strikingly similar to human DNA? There are many such examples that show how we are made in the image of God, or the Universe – whatever you choose to call it.

Because Divine Oneness connects everything in the Universe, your thoughts and actions have a ripple effect on everything around you. This is what people often refer to as karma. The energy you put into the world returns to you.

When you take deep cognizance of this fact, you will realize how much your words and actions matter. When you say something hurtful to a person, you create a ripple effect of negative energy that comes back to you. You are them and they are you. So, by hurting them, you are hurting yourself. On the hand other, when you say words of love, you create a positive vibration and feel instantly good.

The next time you do or say something self-sabotaging, ask yourself the following:

If you are the Universe in and of itself, then why do you diminish yourself with your words and actions? Are you not as vast and great, with immense and infinite potential within you?

You have the ability to affect the world with your thoughts alone. You can make a change in the world with your actions. You are limitless.

To help you connect with your power, here are a few ways to feel more connected with the divine:

You can use positive affirmations to increase your vibrations so that you send out positive energy. Combine this with meditation to open the universal consciousness through your subconscious mind. Be grateful for what you have and express it often. And most importantly, master the art of giving. Give abundantly, as you don’t need a lot of money for that. Be of service by helping people with your talent or simply a kind gesture.

Being aware of the Law of Divine Oneness will enable you to appreciate yourself and others. Because in each being you will see the vast beauty of the Universe.

Have a great week!

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