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Are you...

My Journey to a great team

In 2003 I hired some guys to work on my roofing company. Some fit right in and got along great with me, and some I couldn’t get along with. Now as I look back, I understand why. It was because of our personality differences.

I would give some guys a task to do and they would just shrug their shoulders and ask for more information. I would be frustrated! I had already explained to them what I wanted, why should I explain it to them again?

In 2008 I signed up for my first leadership course and that’s when my leadership journey really started. I hired a company to read the personality profiles of the people I wanted to hire before I would hire them. It took my company from $800,000 in annual revenue to $2.5 million by 2013. I later sold that company for a value I could never have previously imagined. It was the journey where I really learned about business. One of the biggest impacts to your company will be by making the right hiring decision and building a team that works well together.

We're all different, but predictably so...

We are all different but predictably different. Often when people have different opinions they are just trying to pull together but often instead of getting the results everyone wants, they end up offended and no one gets the results they want. The DISC report can explain the differences in your team so you can get the most from those around you.

If you are looking to take the next step in your career, or a a business owner looking to build your team, or just looking to develop incredible people skills to further your goals, then this is for you.

Make your team the best it can be

Wouldn’t it be ideal if we could feel like we are getting along with everyone, but still leading, and working together? How much more money do you think you would be making if you could up-level your team and expand with the BEST people in place?

How would it feel to ask your boss for a raise… And to get a YES because you asked in a way that appealed to their personality? Maybe you just want a job that you are wired for and you wonder, what would it be, and how to can get there?

Grab the DISC Course and get solutions to your team problems.

Lets get started with the DISC

DISC is a quick way to remember the four personality types that make the biggest difference on a team. We all are a blend of each one, but we operate mainly out of the one of these places.

Taking the disc test can enhance every single interaction you have with those around you, with incredibly positive results.

Ready to take the test?

DISC Online Course Includes:

Online DISC Assessment and results!


  • Access to the DISC mini-course jam-packed with videos and resources to help you make the most of your assessment!


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