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  • Did you know that to develop your incredible self awareness and to increase your leadership skills you truly must understand yourself first?
  • We attract people just like us.
  • Want to attract a millionaire?
  • Than you must think, act, walk & talk like one.


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The greatest part I have learned about other people’s wisdom is it can change our life instantly. We must remain teachable!

That is why I created Lighthouse Leadership to bring you the best teachings and trainings so YOU can create the life you have always dreamed of.

Henry Swarey

As a business owner in the roofing industry since 1999 I have learned that the Leader must always be developing himself to stay ahead of his/her team.

I must admit I had to learn the hard way and that’s what it took to get my attention to learn how successful companies lead their people.

You can learn about my story and background right here.

Looking for...

Real action instead of intentions?

We as people have many great intentions but getting started is where a lot of us people get stuck.

Do you need direction?

A sure direction and path to follow?

Does this sound like you??

If only I knew what direction to head into. Do you have time to figure out everything by trial and error?

Real influence and relationships?

“Everything rises and falls on leadership. Nothing more nothing less”. What’s your level of influence?

Thinking Into Results

The most in depth, results oriented, personal development program in the world PLUS 6 months coaching with Henry Swarey.

Thinking Into Results Course
  • Get clarity, direction, and focus
  • Change your thought and action patterns
  • Automatic manifestation flow
  • Stay in the feeling of ease and joy all day
  • Quantum Leap your business forward & scale to mid 6-figures level
  • Bring your full potential to the surface 

The 5 Levels of Leadership

Did you know most uneducated businesses operate only on level 1 and level 3? In order to unlock a businesses potential, you need to pay attention and develop through every level at the right times. KNOWING the psychological position of your team can help you accurately pitch your leadership to ensure incredible cohesiveness and team success as a true leader should. (That’s you!)

Then DISC will be a powerful tool for you to create these changes.

Come and take part in the one and only disc course for understanding yourself first so you can better understand others for incredible leadership and people skills


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